Cayman Islands is a thriving British Overseas Territory free from taxation and with a historically stable government and economy. It’s a top destination for anyone seeking temperate weather, a sophisticated infrastructure, and a straightforward path to Cayman Islands residency. If you’d like to settle in the Cayman Islands long term, there are three essential pathways to obtaining residency on the island, including Residency Certificate for Persons of Independent Means, Residency Certificate for Persons with Substantial Business Presence, and Certificate of Direct Investment. Dreaming of island life in the Cayman Islands? Read on to learn more about the options and pathways available to make it happen.

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Residency Certificate for Persons of Independent Means

Ready to live the dream in the CaymanIsands? The Residency Certificate for Persons of Independent Means might be the perfect option to turn this dream into reality.

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Residency Certificate for Persons with Substantial Business Presence

If you have owned a business or are part of a Cayman-based business’s senior management and have lived in the Cayman Islands for at least 25 years, you are eligible for residency.

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Certificate of Direct Investment

Certificate of Direct Investment

Another way to move to theCayman Islands is to invest in a business there. The Certificate of Direct Investment is granted to those with an “employment-generating business.”

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My trip to Grand Cayman made me want to pack my bags and move! The island lifestyle is one I dream about, and I can smell the salty air. Thank you Grand Cayman for the tropical getaway of a lifetime.

Grand Cayman beaches are top on my list of best views. On-shore or off-shore, these waters are unparalleled in beauty.

Cayman Islands Tours & Excursions

If you’d like to tour Cayman Islands before making the move, be sure that Grand Cayman offers just the right mix of beach chill and water-bound adventure, it’s all up to you to choose your flavor or fun. Book your tour or excursion during your stay and get to know the Cayman Islands a little bit better.

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