Safety is a top consideration for many people planning a trip to an island destination. Many travelers new to Grand Cayman are curious about Cayman Islands safety. The answer is resoundingly positive. You can feel safe exploring Grand Cayman by foot or by car. The island proudly boasts the lowest crime rate of the entire region.

A Walker’s Paradise

A Walker’s Paradise

Walking is one of the best ways to experience the true beauty and character of Grand Cayman. All the beaches are public, so feel free to take a dip as you explore. Grand Cayman is widely recognized as one of the safest in the Caribbean, so let your feet take you wherever they want to lead.

Take A Drive To Explore

Explore the Island Driving

Take a drive to the many scenic destinations both on- and off-the-beaten path. There’s no need to worry about safety as you map out your driving tour.

A Beach All TO Yourself

A Beach All to Yourself

All the beaches in Grand Cayman are public, but some are often so secluded and pristine, it’ll feel like you’re at your own private beach. You’ll have peace and quiet without sacrificing Cayman Islands safety.

While planning I always make sure to research the level of safety in my destination. Thankfully, Grand Cayman met my expectations and made me feel comfortable wherever I went.

My husband and I travel to Grand Cayman as often as we can for much-needed getaways. We love snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing on the beautiful beaches.

Grand Cayman Tours & Excursions

Choose the perfect Grand Cayman tour or excursion to make your Caribbean vacation unforgettable. Reconnect with nature or get up close and personal to a shipwreck. The options are endless in Grand Cayman.

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