The CaymanVisitor Hide & Seek Geotour (Island Treasure Hunt) is a fun way to explore the Islands – Experience natural caves, interact with a Blue Iguana, Find some off the beaten path Nature trails and learn about the history and culture of these 3 island gems- Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

What is a GeoTour? A GeoTour is an online Treasure Hunt that guides you in finding treasure (coins, stickers and more) Via GPS coordinates. Or you can participate the old fashion way and follow the map we provide to find each starred location and the hidden cache boxes with stickers.

What is Geocaching? Geocaching is a global treasure hunting game played using GPS-enabled devices. Containers, known as caches, are hidden in locations all over the world, waiting to be found. To seek a cache visit and search for caches in your area. When you have found your cache, write a comment in the log book, and return to to log your find and share your experience with other users.

Explore with us, see new places and find joy on your new adventure.

Sign up for a free account at to access the geocaching location coordinates and log your finds.

Find us with our GeoTour Code GT4E3



Earn Free Swag

You can earn Free swag when you visit one of our Sponsors.

*restrictions apply.

Cayman Visitor Locations

Pickup your Hide & Seek Passport at any of our CaymanVisitor locations

  • Airport Car Rental Plaza Unit #8
  • Seven Mile (besides Andy’s rent-a-car)
  • Wyndham Reef Lobby in East End
  • Little Cayman Beach Resort
  • Cayman Brac Beach Resort


For addition information email us at [email protected]

Passport Map

you can participate the old fashion way and follow the map we provide inside the passport to find each numbered location and the hidden cache boxes with stickers – please only take one sticker. The sticker for each location should be placed on this Passport and once the specified number of sticker are collected, Wooden coins, metal or trackable Geocoins will be awarded.

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