Shopping in Grand Cayman is a dream destination filled with luxurious finds and exciting exploration complete with the perfect bow of picture-perfect scenery. Find wonderful new pieces like handmade crafts, brand-name items, and local products all at duty-free pricing. With so much to see and do, how can you maximize your retail therapy? We set up a guide precisely just for that. Follow along for the perfect Cayman shopping journey.


As you arrive in Grand Cayman, we recommend heading straight to the capital, Georgetown. Equipped with Caymanian hospitality and friend streets, it’s the perfect place to start your shopping venture. Here is where you’ll find Cardinal Ave, a popular place for shopping for both local and international retailers. However, the town offers multiple spots to find boutiques, shops, and markets for you to enjoy right away.


Welcome to the world of duty-free shopping. Purchase high-end items without having to pay additional taxes on them. This makes the Georgetown shopping district an excellent location for Cayman shopping. Not only do the shops along Seven-mile Beach provide the most picturesque backdrop to your shopping experience, but many shops on this mile provide tax-free shopping on electronics, jewelry, and more.

Camana Bay:

Camana Bay provides a combination of dining with shopping, entertainment, and waterfront views. Enjoy happy-hour, or a great bite to eat after working up an appetite shopping. If you’ve arrived on the weekend, head over to their Farmers Market where you can find local produce, foods, and artisanry.

Local Markets:

Local markets are perfect for finding various unique souvenirs, including artwork, accessories, and traditional crafts. These markets host various craft markets where local artisans showcase their handmade products.

The George Town Farmers Market is a must-visit for those seeking locally-made goods. From woven items to woodcrafts, it’s an opportunity to support the incredible local artists.

Luxury Shopping:

As a wealthy jurisdiction, Grand Cayman attracts a great amount of high-end retailers. For an upscale shopping experience, visit The Ritz-Carlton or other luxury resorts featuring renowned brands.

Local Boutiques:

For a more personalized experience, journey through the Seven Mile Shops for a mix of international and local boutiques. You are sure to discover beautiful unique pieces.

Why Shop in Grand Cayman?

Aside from the duty-free shopping benefit (which is amazing), shopping in Grand Cayman provides an opportunity to bring home unique island treasures, and helps you to truly discover Cayman Island. Let’s dive deeper.

Support Local Artisans:

Visitors contribute to the local economy with their Cayman shopping adventure when they purchase from local craftsmen and artisans. Many of these individuals rely on tourism to sustain their businesses and spread their artistic awareness.

Caribbean Fashion:

Embrace the local, Caribbean fashion! Find vibrant fashion pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy threads made by local artists and vendors. Take home tropical-inspired pieces that radiate the island vibe.

Jewels and Gems:

Whether you’re in the market for unique jewelry or wedding rings, the island provides quite a variety of options. Grand Cayman is home to exquisite pieces made by world-class jewelers offering original work.

High-end Experience:

Grand Cayman offers many luxurious brand stores and boutiques that cater to a discerning clientele. A sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere that makes for the most pleasant shopping experience.

A Taste of Cayman:

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore local food markets and take home the Cayman flavor. Enjoy local spices to brighten your dishes, or hot sauces for a spicy touch of flavor. Need a souvenir? Purchase the Cayman Rum Cake for family and friends back home. They are sure to love it!


Visit dazzling art galleries filled with paintings, sculptures, and pieces that are available for purchase while immersing yourself in art history. Purchase the detailed artwork for an original decorative piece that captures the Cayman beauty.

New Memories:

Shopping on the gorgeous island is not just about acquiring treasures. It’s about the memories you made through the journey and the interactions made to get there. You now own a reminder of the Grand Cayman excitement you experienced, and you get to take that home to cherish for years to come.

Explore like a Local:

Shopping for local produce or products allows you to engage with the locals and submerge yourself in their rich cultural heritage as you inquire about the local pieces and vendors. You’ll learn much about their crafts and their everyday life as you continue your Cayman shopping.

In a nutshell, shopping in Grand Cayman is more than just your typical transaction. It’s an experience. Whether you’re opting for the local craft in the heart of Georgetown, or the upscale shopping scene in Camana Bay the takeaways and keepsakes are all part of your tropical journey through the island. Getting to know locals, visiting new places, and acquiring new memories make Cayman shopping a must-do for the ultimate Grand Cayman visit.

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