West Bay, Grand Cayman. A traveler’s prized odyssey in the gorgeous Cayman Islands. Relish in nature’s picture-perfect scenery, luxurious unmatched tranquility, and riveting adventure. Imagine pristine crystal-blue waters, where ocean breezes carry the scent of topical blooms and the sweet aroma of coconuts throughout your stay. Breakaway from the monotonous routine found in other parts of the world like busy streets, overcrowded attractions, or stale culinary experiences. Treat your senses to a full body and mind experience as you journey through West Bay, Grand Cayman. Create lasting memories that live above the rest as you push the boundaries of what it means to get away.


West Bay is home to the world-renowned and iconic Seven Mile Beach. Ranked as one of the top beaches globally, Seven Mile Beach offers soft powdery sand, pristine breathtaking waters, and plenty of activities. Whether you enjoy water sports, shopping, or impeccable cuisine, you can find it all on just one visit to this beach. Indulge in local seafood shacks, or opt for the upscale culinary fusions that will send your taste buds on a wonderful journey. Shop at artisanry boutiques, or visit luxurious shops of all brand names. Seven Mile Beach isn’t the only beach you can find in West Bay, Cayman Island.

For a quieter, less busier alternative, check out Cemetery Beach. While the name might throw you off, Cemetery Beach is actually brimming with marine wildlife. The offshore coral formations offer a stunning snorkeling and underwater experience. Its calm crystal-blue water attracts tourists and locals to jump right in and explore.

If you’re looking for a great place to have a picnic or maybe play a nice game of volleyball, then Public Beach is just for you. Enjoy the wonderful shade of palm trees, and gorgeous scenery, and relax at the locals’ favorite beach.

For a more secluded beach day, head on over to Conch Point Beach. Its shallow waters make it perfect for families with children to play and soak up the sun.

Equally as secluded and inviting is Boggy Sand Beach. Catch a beautiful sunset, and take a long walk on the beach without beachgoer traffic or distractions.


West Bay, Grand Cayman is also known for its thrilling attractions. With so much to see, how do you see it all? We recommend the West Bay Sightseeing Tour. It’s an all-in-one tour that covers a whole lot of excitement in 7 stops. Discover popular spots like Tortuga Rum Factory, Camana Bay, Governor’s Mansion, The Old Homestead, Hell, Dolphin Discovery, and of course, Seven Mile Beach. Taste the island rum, shop, see landmarks, admire must-see rock formations, watch dolphins, and bathe in paradise in this all-day fun-filled tour.

Wanting something a little more adventurous? Welcome to the home of the riveting Stingray Sandbar. Get up close and personal with these gentle Rays in waist deep water for an adventure you will never forget. This tour is perfect for those who want the ultimate marine life experience. Not only will you get to touch, feed, and mingle with dozens of stingrays, but you will also get to snorkel in the mesmerizing open waters of Grand Cayman. An amazing variety of marine life species and corals await your presence while you snorkel. Grab your underwater camera and your best buds to witness nature’s underwater glory.

If you’re not quite up for this encounter just yet, we recommend the Cayman Turtle Center in West Bay, Grand Cayman. A perfect blend of education, entertainment, and conservation. The center is a breeding home to the native Cayman species. You’ll have the opportunity to touch, snorkel, or swim with the turtles! With several different species, there is much to see and even more to learn. In addition to the turtles, there are also nurse sharks, barracudas, a bird aviary, and a nature trail dedicated to local flora and fauna. Your visit helps the future generation of sea turtles, marine life, and native species of plants and animals on the island.

While this is only the tip of the iceberg, you can easily see that West Bay offers a plethora of activities, beaches, and unbelievable scenery. This is no ordinary destination. The sun and excitement are on another level with plenty of options for even the pickiest tourist. Plan your visit today to discover the wonders of West Bay, Cayman Island.

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