Welcome to Grand Cayman’s Tortuga Rum Distillery! Quietly nestled in West Bay and filled with top-tier elements. Journey through tradition, skill, and award-winning spirits wrapped in one sensational excursion. On this tour, you will be taking your senses on their own expedition as you learn and sample Grand Cayman’s rich history. Treat yourself to more than sun and sand, and head to the distillery for an elevated visit to Grand Cayman. Get ready for fun and rum and a deeper look into history!

Excellence in a bottle

The intricate art of rum making goes back many generations on the Cayman Island. These generations have preserved the traditional techniques while interweaving innovation that makes the rich rum making process all its own. One sip transports you through the Cayman Island heritage, boldly expressing its personality and vibrant flair. At Tortuga Rum Distillery, you will find more than just rum, you will find artisanal vodkas, liquors, and their world-famous Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake. Admire as each flavor shares the same prestige and artisanship. You will find a clear message in these bottles; Cayman elegance.

Step into the process

From the moment you walk-in, you will be greeted with the unbeatable, genuine Cayman hospitality paving a pleasant experience through your whole experience. Your knowledgeable tour guide will take you on an immersive step-by-step process of the magical rum making process. Get acquainted with all the machinery and tools used to craft a perfectly balanced spirit. Travel with your guide as you are taught about the entire rum making process, from fermentation, to distillation, to the recipe of their success and of course the best part of the tour, the tasting of different flavors.

Indulge your palate

As part of this exciting endeavor, you will introduce your taste buds to rich bold flavors while sampling your way through a sensory adventure. Savor the award-winning rums like the Tortuga: Dark, Light, Coconut, Spiced, Banana, and Coffee rum – assortment may vary. Learn all about distinct aromas, delicate notes, and exceptional depths of flavor. Whether you’re a first time taster, or a rum connoisseur these captivating flavors provide a tropical allure for all to enjoy. For the seasoned rum lovers (or curious at heart) you have the opportunity to sample exclusive barrel tastings that provide rare cask editions.

It doesn’t end here

After a memorable Tortuga Rum Distillery Tour, make your way to the gift shop for your favorite selection and take a taste of the island home with you! Find limited edition bottles you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Know someone with a sweet tooth? Their famous Tortuga Caribbean rum cake makes the perfect souvenir for friends or family alike. Duty-free shopping allows you to indulge in shopping for several gifts for everyone on your list. Don’t feel like sharing? You don’t have to. Stock your own bar with these exquisite rich rums to impress any guest, or just relive the incredible Cayman getaway again and again. We encourage you to get into the island spirit!

Join the fun

If you’re ready to relax and have some fun, book your own Tortuga Rum Distillery tour! Cayman Visitor offers an amazing Rum and Beer Tour with Lunch for groups of all sizes. Come with your Honey, friends, or family and be transported on an air conditioned coach bus to the rum distillery. Be greeted with welcome shots to kick off the tour on high-note! Enjoy endless samples of exceptional rum and try their renowned Tortuga rum cake. All this fun will leave you a little hungry, and these guys know the best spot in town. After your tour and sampling, you will be taken off the beaten path for a traditional, delicious Caymanian meal. If you are arriving in Grand Cayman on a cruise, you will have the convenience of being picked-up right at the port (North Terminal).

Escape the ordinary and delve into the lively heritage, flavor, and atmosphere found on the Tortuga Rum Distillery Tour. Don’t miss out on a spirited journey you are sure to love. Awaken your senses on the pristine beaches of the island. Take home a slice of unforgettable paradise and raise a glass to the mesmerizing Caribbean charm. Book your fun-filled experience today!

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