A getaway to Grand Cayman calls for rum-infused cocktails, beachside cabanas and…stingrays? Yup, you read that right. Stingray City (or Stingray Sandbar) is one of the Cayman Islands’ most visited — and truly enjoyed — tours and attractions. Located inside the Northsound of Grand Cayman and just a 30 minute panoramic boat ride from Kaibo Marina or one of the Seven Mile Beach Marinas, this sparkling collection of sandbars is home to the friendliest of Atlantic stingrays and tailor-made for some wildlife wading. For travelers with an adventure itch (or those vacationing with them), Stingray City Grand Cayman tours add the perfect dose of excitement to the island experience.

What is a Stingray City Grand Cayman Tour?

Guided by experienced local boat captains and crew, take a short boat ride to the in-the-know spot for an up-close, hands-on, and personal interaction with stingrays. The water on the sandbar is crystal clear, refreshing and shallow (waist deep) making it a comfortable, conducive experience to enjoying a nature-filled day interacting with these docile, beautiful creatures.

Take a closer look at some of the exclusive Stingray City Grand Cayman excursions offered by Cayman Visitor.

Breakfast With the Rays – Departs Kaibo Marina

Early morning adventure? Check! Ease into your fun-filled day with a breakfast-included luxury catamaran ride into the Stingray City Grand Cayman sandbar. As one of the first boats on the bank, enjoy the waters and gentle ocean cruisers to yourself for a truly immersive natural experience. And as if that wasn’t enough, on your way back this Grand Cayman tour stops at a stunning coral reef for snorkeling you’ll truly only find in the Cayman Islands. Yes, you’ll have some bragging opportunities when you get back to the office.

Champagne Stingray Tours – Departs Kaibo Marina

For a relaxing Stingray City Grand Cayman tour and encounter, glide into the evening along with these majestic sea animals after the crowds have diminished and golden hour has arrived. Step into the crisp waters, slide your hands over the soft stingrays, and take the perfect pictures for both your memories and your social feed. Afterwards, top off an unforgettable evening with champagne in hand complete with a gleaming Caribbean sunset.

Private Stingray City Grand Cayman Tour – Departs Kaibo or Yacht Club Marinas

Planning your yearly family/friends vacation? This four-hour personal tour of Stingray City Grand Cayman and the top snorkeling spots will take your group of up to 16 guests through unforgettable sights to be seen. From the globally-known sandbar to Starfish Point and even a stop at Kaibo Beach Bar/Rum Point. Ride the Everglades 435CC 40’+, climate-controlled center console perfectly comfortable for the whole family — from a cozy, air conditioned cabin built with little ones in mind to quad 350 HP Yamahas (an ‘if you know you know’ type of thing). And, of course, BYOB.

Is Stingray City Safe?

We’ll ask the question everyone is thinking. Yes, the “Southern” stingrays encountered at the Stingray City sandbars are graceful and perfectly safe when handled with care. They can be found in shallow waters, on sandy bottoms, or near reefs and feed mainly on crabs, clams, shrimp and small fish. With a professional registered tour operator, there’s nothing to worry about.

Who is Cayman Visitor?

Cayman Visitor is a Caymanian-owned travel company dedicated to curating the most authentic, exciting, truly community-based tourist experiences. Cayman Visitor partners alongside local entrepreneurs as an ecosystem is built for travelers based on sustainable development and operating practices for the benefit of our visitors, the locals, and the environment.

If you’d like to add a Stingray City Grand Cayman tour or any others to your upcoming stay, check out more details here or reach us at (866) 714-2309 and [email protected].

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