North Side, Cayman offers a serene and less crowded experience on the gorgeous island. Compared to the other six districts on the island, the North Side is a much more authentic and relaxed Caymanian cultural experience. Beyond the benefit of finding a secluded oasis, you’ll want to check out the pristine beaches, and amazing attractions like the Bioluminescent Bay, Botanical Gardens, Caves, wildlife, and nature. Come along as we explore the enchanting North Side of the Grand Cayman Island.

Blissful Beaches

When you think of relaxation, you immediately think of less traffic and more tranquility. No lines, no hustle and bustle. Just you, a perfect beach, the sun, and privacy. North Side Cayman is home to these exact kinds of beaches like Rum Point and Kaibo Beach, where you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and water sports in a more secluded setting. You’ll find that these beaches are more closely to their natural state than the beaches a little more commercialized like Seven Mile Beach. Rum Point has calm, crystal-clear shallow waters that will leave you mesmerized. Perfect for families, and couples who want to get away, it is about a 45-minute drive from the cruise port and most hotels. A picture-perfect scene of hammocks on palm trees swaying in the wind, powdery sand beaches, and their famous Mudslide cocktail. Stop by Rum Point Restaurant and try their Conch Croquettes or Coconut Tiramisu for a decadent island treat. Very similar is Kaibo Beach, also located on the peaceful North Side of Grand Cayman and in very close proximity to Rum Point. You can take a water taxi and take in the scenic view of the beautiful waters on the North Side. So calm, Kaibo promises a crowd-free experience and does not transfer in Cruise guests as the other beaches do. You will also find delicious food and refreshing drinks at the Kaibo Restaurant and Beach Bar where you can enjoy live music every Saturday from 1-3 PM.

Bioluminescent Bay

Located about 10 minutes by kayak from Rum Point lies Bioluminescent Bay. Step into a magical tour made up of bioluminescent organisms that light up the waters in neon blue as you cruise past them. Imagine the water glowing all around you as you jump in to snorkel and light up the water with every stroke. One of the world’s most incredible phenomena, and North Side, Cayman is the best place to do it! Bioluminescent Tours are offered in only a handful of places around the world and is a must-do for anyone visiting the Cayman Islands. Witness an amazing natural light show you won’t forget.

More of Nature’s Wonder

Located near Old Man Bay, experience more of the North Side Cayman magic at the Crystal Caves. Venture into the lush tropical forest and travel on a walking tour through the spectacular crystal caves of “Cayman Down Under”. Enjoy three stunning caves including the open-ceiling cave, the roots cave, and the lake cave. Admire the magnificent tropical plants and animal wildlife as a terrific bonus. Be met by a viewing deck at the end of your tour where you can enjoy the scenery, take pictures, and try the on-site Tree House Cafe and souvenir shop.

Queen Elizabeth’s II Botanic Park is also located on the North Side of Grand Cayman. Take a breathtaking botanical tour brimming with tropical wild plants and home to the endangered Caymanian native blue iguana, also known as, ‘The Blue Dragon’. The Blue Iguana is only found on the island of Grand Cayman. With over 32 species of butterflies, and vibrant orchid trails, the Queen Elizabeth II conservation is no ordinary walk in the park, it’s far better! The park itself was officially opened in 1994 by Queen Elizabeth II as a Woodland Trail. Since then, it has flourished and expanded with more trails, and exotic wildlife. The park forms part of the Botanic Park and Salina Reserve Important Bird Area, allowing you to catch a glimpse of dozens of exotic bird species flying overhead. The Park includes seven main attractions – the Visitor’s Centre, the Floral Garden, the Orchid Boardwalk, the Xerophytic Garden, the Heritage Garden, the Woodland Trail, and the Children’s Garden. A fountain of education pours itself onto you in every direction.

North Side, Cayman truly has it all and at a far less crowded experience. There are beaches, hidden natural gems, and cultural heritage in every corner. Head on over to the North Side of Grand Cayman and embrace the traveler’s paradise.

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