Grab your exquisite taste and take it on an audacious Spirit Distillery Tour in Grand Cayman! Who says the island is only about the beach and sun? The island is also known for its rum and fun! After soaking up all the Cayman sun and indulging in the crystal-blue waters, it’s time to take a break from the heat. Add a little spirit to your getaway and enjoy the different alcohol tastings that Cayman Spirits Co. has to offer. Awaken the senses while you taste several native spirits and learn about the exciting rum-making process. Not only will you get to experience an exclusive tasting, but you’ll also delve into the rich history of the spirit, help support local businesses, and take home unforgettable memories coupled with a fantastic souvenir. Sip into the world of Cayman Island flare and come along as we get into the vibrant spirit.

Located in Georgetown, Cayman, the Distillery tour is about a 1-hour behind the scenes look at the wonderful world of spirit crafting. Journey along the 5000 square ft. facility and be greeted by a 1200-gallon Vendome Copper Pot Still! Meet the 30-foot-tall Gun Bay Vodka tower, and the original Christian Carl pot still used to whip up the delicious Seven Fathoms Rum. Rated as“ not your average rum tour”, this tour is led by amazing, and entertaining staff that enhance every second of your experience. Enjoy fun facts, history, and robust tasting for an unforgettable Cayman distillery tour experience.

History in the Making

Rum has served as a cultural bridge to Cayman’s history for many years making it deeply intertwined with Cayman’s rich history. From beverages to recipes like the decadent rum cake, or the Cayman Lemonade, rum has paved its way into the hearts of natives and tourists alike. Learn about the harvesting of the sugar cane to the bottling of the alcohol. Find out how the Cayman tropical climate plays a huge role in the aging process of the spirit. Even guests who do not drink alcohol can enjoy the historical aspects of the spirit-building process, the unique varieties, and the chemistry behind it all. Many of the spirits include local fruit and spices to amplify the native tropical taste of the rum and other types of spirits. The array of learning materials shared allows tourists and locals alike to share an educational and enjoyable experience together. Did you know the first Grand Cayman distillery was established in the 21st century? Although the rum-making history is relatively shorter than its counterparts, it is equally as (if not more) exciting to learn about.

Helping the Cause

Taking a Cayman distillery tour also stimulates the economy and has become somewhat of a community hub for locals and tourists to engage by providing tastings, hosting
events, and more. The local ingredients used to create the rum in the distilleries preserve the spirits Cayman’s authenticity and flavor. Tourists quickly understand that the Cayman rum is more than just an alcoholic beverage, it reflects the Cayman lifestyle. It mirrors the Caymanian warm, laidback, and friendly hospitality found throughout the island. It illustrates the golden tropical hues of the sun and the bold island flavors of the Cayman Islands. This is why the rum makes for the best souvenir to take home to family, and friends, or to reserve for a rainy day. The spirit is a lively distinct expression of your experience on the island. Make some of your own signature Cayman cocktails at home or for friends like the Cayman Sunset, Seven Mile Swizzle, or the Tropical Storm. You’ll find exclusive rum variations at the distillery that cannot be found anywhere else, like their seasonal “Distiller’s Special”. Whether you prefer white, gold, or aged rum, you will taste and see them all. In a duty-free destination, purchasing rum means you can buy them all!

So what are you waiting for? Plan and reserve your next Cayman Distillery Tour for your exciting Cayman getaway. Enjoy the excellent reserves, learn about the beautiful culture, and bring home a bottle of the tropical oasis. Add a little spice to your itinerary, and experience the zesty flavor found in the stunning paradise of Grand Cayman. Adventure isn’t only in the open water, it’s everywhere. Cheers to Cayman!

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