There are so many fun things to do in Grand Cayman. Guests of all ages and interests will find no shortage of exciting activities and sights to explore. Move beyond Cayman’s
beautiful beaches to experience fascinating history, stunning nature, and exotic wildlife. Get inspired for your next Grand Cayman adventure with this list of seven top things to do in Grand Cayman.

1. Lantern Tour at Pedro St. James

History and culture buffs alike will love the Lantern Tour at Pedro St. James, an interesting 18th-century plantation home. The fun begins with a guided lantern tour of the Great House, also known as “Pedro Castle.” With the help of a talented guide, you’ll learn all about the history of this mysterious and tragic house, the oldest structure in the Cayman Islands. Next comes a 3D multisensory film followed by a complimentary sample of 1780 rum straight from Thatch and Barrel restaurant. The tour makes for a memorable evening spent getting up close to island history and is one of the most fascinating things to do in Grand Cayman. This tour can only be booked through Cayman Visitor. Book your tour with Cayman Visitor here.

2. Cayman Crystal Caves

Step out of the sunshine for a while to explore the Cayman Crystal Caves. As the newest natural thing to do in Grand Cayman, these Caves are set in a verdant tropical forest teeming with vibrant plants and intriguing wildlife. Full of striking mineral formations known as stalactites and stalagmites, these three spectacular caves present a perfect photo opportunity. Following the cave tour, visitors can take a half-hour nature walk to see parrots, bats, and large strangler balsam trees. Book your visit to the Cayman Crystal Caves here.

3. Rum and Beer Tour

Rum lovers will appreciate this thing to do in Grand Cayman, as it involves sampling local rum and beer. First you’ll stop by Tortuga Rum Cake Factory to sample some delicious local rums followed by rum cake for dessert. At Cayman Spirits Co., stop number two, indulge in 180 proof rum (if you’re brave enough!). Both these stops are a great place to stock up on souvenirs to take home. To wrap up the tour, enjoy a traditional Caymanian lunch at a delicious local restaurant in George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands. Click here to book your Rum and Beer Tour.

4. Seven Mile Beach Getaway Tour

This beach excursion is one of the most popular things to do in Grand Cayman. An air-conditioned motor coach will take you through George Town to reach the world-renowned Seven Mile Beach. Expect soft white sand, coconut palms, and azure water. Soak up the sun on a comfy lounge chair, sip a refreshing cocktail in the shade, or take part in various water sports like snorkeling and kayaking. Finish this 2.5-hour tour on a sweet and spicy note with a sample of rum and rum cake at the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory. Book your beach tour here.

5. Cayman Parrot Sanctuary

The Cayman Parrot Sanctuary is a family-friendly experience where you can interact with colorful parrots, adorable gerbils, and more! Kids will love the slides, zip line, and sand pit. Set in a beautiful natural setting, this tropical retreat is a fun-filled thing to do in Grand Cayman for visitors of all ages. The Sanctuary is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9am-4pm. Start booking your Sanctuary tour here.

6. Coral Reef Snorkel

This shallow coral lagoon located at the East End of the Cayman Islands is a protected natural beauty and a not-to-miss thing to do in Grand Cayman. Get up close to three vibrant coral reefs as part of this Coral Reef Snorkel tour. Follow the lead of your expert snorkeling guide to see coral and other wildlife while exploring the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. Book this kid-friendly excursion here.

7. Dawn Stingrays Tour

Head to the island’s North Side for this exciting outdoor thing to do in Grand Cayman. The Dawn Stingrays Tour is a 90-minute activity where you’ll get the chance to interact with lots of stingrays on the sandbar—free from crowds and with the help of an expert snorkel guide. Don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera to capture the perfect photo of your stingray experience. Book your Dawn Stingrays Tour here.

There’s no shortage of exciting things to do in Grand Cayman. Cayman Visitor’s top-rated tours are carefully selected to ensure hours of fun for guests of all ages. For more on the variety of things to do in Grand Cayman, check out this easy-to-follow guide. From highly curated activities to more free-form experiences, the perfect activity for your group awaits. Contact Cayman Visitor for questions about booking your next exciting excursion in Grand Cayman.

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