2-Stop Snorkel USS Kittiwake Shipwreck and Wreck of the Gamma

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Join us for an unforgettable experience as we snorkel the USS Kittiwake and the Wreck of the Gamma! Explore the underwater wonders of the Cayman Islands with our expert boat crew and guides and witness the beauty of these sunken treasures up close. Dive into adventure and create lasting memories on this exciting two-stop snorkeling boat tour. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to discover the incredible marine life beneath the crystal-clear waters of Grand Cayman!


USS Kittiwake Shipwreck

A Treasure Chest for Exploration -The historic Ex-USS Kittiwake has been on the ocean floor since it’s sinking in January of 2011. In service from 1945 to 1994, the ship’s most memorable duty was the diligent recovery of the Challenger Space Shuttle. Over the years, the underwater wreck has blossomed into a beautiful and dynamic environment for marine life. It has since become a sought-after site for divers of every skill level as well as snorkelers to explore as it is less than 50 feet below the surface and easily accessible. Divers can explore this 251-foot vessel and its five decks, overflowing with a rainbow of rare sponges, goliath groupers, squirrelfish and urchins. Here, you will find more than 50 species of coral and more than 500 species of fish! Keep an eye out for garden eels, stingrays, arrowhead crabs, barracuda, and even sea turtles. You can even swim through the ship to see the remnants of its original gear and equipment.

History of the USS Kittiwake (ASR-13)

This historic vessel was first launched in the year 1945. Crafted in Savannah, Georgia, the USS Kittiwake made journeys all over the world during her first fifty years. Kittiwake was decommissioned on 30 September 1994 and struck from the Naval Vessel Register on the same day. Her title was transferred in November 2008 for an undisclosed amount to the government of the Cayman Islands for the purpose of using Kittiwake to form a new artificial reef. Originally intended to be sunk in June 2009, she was finally sunk off Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, on 5 January 2011 in Marine Park. The wreck has since become one of the most popular dive and snorkel sites in Grand Cayman, with its moorings often in constant daily use by local dive operators.

Wreck of the Gamma

The Wreck of the Gamma is a shipwreck in Grand Cayman. The vessel is about 100 feet in length, and sunk only 20 feet from shore in 1981 during a storm. The ship’s cargo was rice, which swelled during the storm from the water, which then split the hull, causing the boat to sink. The wreck has been there ever since, and has since turned into a great snorkel spot.

Where is it located?

The Wreck of the Gamma is located at the very southern end of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Time: 10:00am-12:30pm

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Departs: Balboa Beach dock at the Waterfront in George Town

Complimentary Transportation – Pick-up available from George Town & 7 mile locations

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Bottle Water
  • Sodas
  • Local cocktails (alcohol + non-alcohol)
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