Your Grand Cayman Scuba Diving Adventure Begins Here

Scuba diving in Grand Cayman is world-famous for its beautiful coral reefs, fascinating shipwreck dives, and exciting drop-offs. The Cayman Islands feature diving sites for all experience levels so you and your guests will find thrilling dives that each of you finds fun.
With wonderful year-round water visibility and warm water temperatures throughout the year, scuba diving in Grand Cayman is a memorable experience no matter when you visit the Cayman Islands.

Shallow Boat Dives in Grand Cayman

An ultra shallow dive is a great way to see the interesting creatures of Grand Cayman up close. Grand Cayman’s East End lagoon is full of eye-catching macro creatures like the gaudy clown crab, banded coral shrimp, the bearded fireworm, and more. This Grand Cayman scuba diving trip is a great opportunity for underwater photography. Get ready to snap photos of all the vibrant sea life you witness during your dive.

Multicolor Night Dives in the East End

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the Cayman Islands after the sun goes down. Stunning coral reefs make scuba diving a unique experience that visitors can enjoy at night. Special multicolored flashlights using ultraviolet light let you see underwater creatures come to life in psychedelic colors. Night vision goggles allow you to glimpse interesting marine life and the coral reef with unbelievable clarity. We encourage every diver to try scuba diving at night, as some of the most intriguing sea animals only come out during this time.

Grand Cayman Scuba Diving Course

This private introductory scuba diving course is held in the morning at Wyndham Reef Resort. Participants can learn to scuba dive in just one day. Your diving instructor will host the first part of the class in a private pool at the resort. After breaking for an early lunch, the group will head out to a coral reef for their first Grand Cayman scuba diving excursion. Expect a shallow dive taking in the beautiful marine life around one of the island’s famous coral reefs. All the gear you’ll need is included for this course.

Coral Nursery Dive

Grand Cayman’s first and largest coral nursery is the perfect one-tank scuba diving adventure. The East End coral nursery is made up of ten coral trees. If you prefer to get more than a taste of the remarkable coral reefs surrounding the Cayman Islands, this is the dive for you. This scuba diving trip is a great opportunity to witness this incredible underwater ecosystem before it disappears. This hands-on nursery dive gives you a tour of the entire nursery and adjoining reef. You’ll learn how to remove algae and care for a coral tree. This is a great dive for beginners, as the East End lagoon has essentially no current and relatively calm seas.

Make Unforgettable Scuba Diving Memories

Scuba diving is one of the best ways to experience the underwater beauty of the Cayman Islands up close. No matter your diving experience level, there are a variety of opportunities with Cayman Visitor to explore the compelling marine life and gorgeous coral reefs of the Caribbean. Click here to learn more about the important role coral reefs in the Cayman Islands are playing in the preservation of coral reefs worldwide.

Grand Cayman scuba diving is one of the most unique experiences you’ll have during your Cayman Islands vacation. Book one of our signature dives here.

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