There is much to say about Queen Elizabeth II, but why not experience her fancy with the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park Tour? Open by the Queen herself in 1992, the botanical park is home to 7 main attractions spread over 65 acres of land. The 7 main attractions consist of the Visitor’s Centre, the Floral Garden, the Orchid Boardwalk, the Xerophytic Garden, the Heritage Garden, the Woodland Trail, and the Children’s Garden (under development). The park also serves as a natural conservation center for the endangered Blue Iguana that currently resides only on Grand Cayman Island (queue the oo’s and ah’s). Home to several colorful garden trails, picture-worthy backdrops, and educational opportunities, the park also forms part of BirdlLife International which supports populations of several threatened or restricted-range bird species. As if you need more convincing to visit. So pack your cameras and bring your delightful curiosity as we delve deeper into why the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park is your next bucket list tour.

Step into Nature:

As you enter, take a stroll and be met with the most aesthetically pleasing natural creations. Housing 57 butterfly species, you’ll get to watch as they flutter throughout the garden and come along for the experience. You can’t have a stunning garden without the help of our pollinator friends. The lush garden also showcases an array of plants such as orchids, palms, cacti, and many gorgeous tropical flowers. Each trail is dedicated to a different collection of plants. Luckily, these wonderful flowers also attract exotic and native birds like the Green Heron, or the Cuban Amazon to name a few of the 270 species native to the island. The wildlife thrives in this vibrant garden allowing you to immerse yourself in nature and take in its glory. Get up close and personal with the Blue Iguana in its own habitat. You will catch these rare creatures both in the garden and its surrounding areas, as you walk the breeding grounds of the native ‘Blue Dragon’.

Pictures Please:

Tremendous photo opp! Take tons of photos of these rare creations that you won’t find back at home. The garden truly provides fantastic picturesque opportunities to share with friends or turn into your mobile wallpaper. How often do you get to see over 10 species of orchids, birds, and butterflies? Take as many pictures for the photo album you didn’t know you needed. The possibilities are endless on the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park Tour.

Family Fun:

This family-friendly tour allows you to visit the Children’s Garden which is equipped with an observation tower, maze, discovery pond, splash pad, lawn, and tunnel area. The splash pad allows kids to run and get wet freely (as well as adults). A change of clothes is recommended for you to change into after the fun. Insider tip: pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic with your Honey, friends, or family on park grounds. A nice outdoor addition to your tour. Talk about a conversation starter! This garden is also open to children’s birthday parties to continue the fun. Now, if you’re looking for something a little more serious, the park currently allows you to use its location as a wedding venue, as well as grounds for corporate events or tradeshows. Bring the whole family on the tour and watch it flourish.

Take it Home:

With all the visual bounty, and plethora of educational material, wouldn’t you just want to revel in it? You can. The park is complete with a Gift Shop. Purchase souvenirs or books for the plant lover in your life. Tons of adorable trinkets to gift and learn from. Take home a piece of the experience to share, or keep as a reminder to come back soon. All purchases help the park continue its conservation efforts and staff.

Whether you’re a child, enthusiast, or curious tourist, you’ll be mesmerized by the floral and natural wildlife found on the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park Tour. A nature day tour to break from the waves and into its historical, splendid garden. To book your tour today, visit, today!

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