The new year is here and while business is in full throttle (vacation), all we can think (vacation) about is our next, you guessed it, vacation. Not one rainy, snowy, below-30s day goes by without thinking of your dream: visit Cayman Islands. Although we’d never condone using a few minutes of your mid-afternoon workday lull to peruse through potential excursions for your upcoming trip to the Cayman Islands, we’ll just leave this easily-accessible resource with some of the top excursions in the Caribbean for your bookmarking. Do with it what you will.

Visiting the Cayman Islands on Water

A visit to the Cayman Islands really is a visit to the ocean-lover in you. The islands are nestled in the Caribbean Sea, housing over 12k marine species, the infamous Cayman Trough, and some of the bluest waters you’ll see in your lifetime. Of course, wading in the waters and splashing on the shoreline is one way to experience it — but we recommend leaning into the adventurer in you to see the real Cayman Islands from the eyes of the sea. Through Cayman Visitor, experience the:

  • Kitesurf Cayman

    • Ever enjoyed flying a kite as a kid? Well, this is the adult version. Except on water. And during your visit to the Cayman Islands. So basically, the leveled-up kid activity! Choose between one, two, or six hour private kitesurfing lessons to seriously experience the salty air. At Kitesurf Cayman you’ll be guided through a step-by-step program, from set-up and land-training to the real deal: a full-sized kite on the water. And for those who may be weary of deep waters, not to worry. Most of these beaches are conducive to standing.
  • Dolphin Lover’s Swim

    • Get cheek-to-cheek and nose-to-nose with the ocean’s happiest mammals, the dolphin. On your Cayman Islands visit, dive into the most dynamic dolphin encounter in the Caribbean that includes a special educational program curated to falling in love. Your group of all ages will become part of the pod as you hold hands, high-five, and even kiss these adorable ocean friends. All smiles, guaranteed.

Visiting The Cayman Islands on Dry Land

While you’re planning your itinerary to visit Cayman Islands, not all excursions are made equal (equally damp, we’d say). Beyond the sea-tivities, the Cayman Islands have so much to offer to round out your summer vacation and journey through the tropics. With the help of Cayman Visitor, take a look at:

  • Cayman Crystal Caves

    • As the newest excursion in Grand Cayman, your visit to the Cayman Islands just got that much more post-worthy. This 1.5 hour guided walking tour through captivating forests and awe-inspiring caves will reinvigorate the nature buff in
    • you as you encounter balsam trees, air plants, parrots and more. Situated in Northside, Grand Cayman, experience the exploratory as you visit Cayman Islands. Can you feel the botanicals already?
  • Hot Stone Massage

    • Now, what trip is complete without a massage? Add the hot stones, and even better. This hot stone massage therapy combines soothing warmth and restoring coolness to take your body on a journey to peace. From boosting circulation to relieving muscle tension, there won’t be a need for a vacation from your vacation after a visit to the Cayman Islands. Indulge. Detox. Heal. Learn more about The Spa.

Who is Cayman Visitor?

Cayman Visitor is a native travel company dedicated to making the tourist experience seamless, enjoyable, and truly authentic. From a slew of tours, excursions, and experiences ‘like a local’ to a real-life, human concierge, Cayman Visitor is the hub for all things, well, Cayman.

If you’re planning to visit Cayman Islands and have any questions on what you’ve researched on this website, please feel free to check out more details here or reach us at (866) 714-2309 and [email protected].

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